Funeral & Repatriation

dying in the algarve

It is about to happen one day and if you have decided to live in the Algarve or are on holiday here, you want everything to be well organised. Whether it concerns a funeral, a cremation in the Algarve or repatriation to your home country, we arrange the entire process from A to Z. We provide a suitable memorial location, send invitations and thank you cards, arrange the flower arrangements and can arrange a speech in consultation with you.

a respectful goodbye

Together we can make a memorable goodbye, prepare and give a speech and celebrate the life of the deceased. We can contact family and some friends for little stories you would like to share, we also can put up a memory board where friends and family can pin a picture of themselves and the deceased. You can say it!

legal matters

We will report the death within two days (48 hours) at the Conservatória de Civil Registo in the Algarve in the district where the death occurred. If the death takes place in a hospital or retirement home it will be reported by the institution. Often all assets of the deceased will be frozen, so next of kin cannot get excess to bank accounts and savings. 

corona crisis and cremation

Due to the corona crisis, we have to re-examine each case separately to know which measures should be taken. However, the guidelines of the health authorities determine that whoever dies from Covid-19 should be cremated.
We are lucky that since the beginning of this year we have a crematorium in Albufeira.

the taboo on death

Death is rarely discussed, but talking about death and planning around it can calm your fears. You can contact a legacy coach and  talk about dying and your wishes. It can help you but also your love ones that you leave behind. 


by accident or illness

Do you live in the Algarve or are you on holiday here and you unexpectedly have to return to your home country as a result of an accident or illness, please contact us. We can arrange the return journey for you.

by death

Do you live in the Algarve and would you like to be buried or cremated in your home country or elsewhere, then there is a lot involved and we are happy to arrange that for you.




cemetery algarve


respectful goodbye



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